Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Two

It’s six minutes until ten at night.

ALL three of the children decided to party / howl / talk / play until WAY past their bedtimes.


And it made me SO TIRED to get them all settled into bedness that I almost went straight to bed and then my brain goes, “Publish. Every. Day.”


But first the news:


Hi, Warriors.

Today was intense. Yesterday was intense. It’s all intense all the time.


I’m not getting suicidal thoughts.

I don’t know if I mentioned that explicitly – that’s the reason why I officially called out sick at work. It happened only two days into the lock down. Before we hired our nanny.

I had a freak out.

Really dark thoughts.

In the middle of the day.



Since calling out?

While I’ve had HORRIBLE days, I haven’t had those super dark thoughts again.

And I’ve talked a LOT and thought a lot MORE and … this week I started pushing back a bit.


I’m headed back to work.

Part time at first, sure, but headed back to full time.


Wish me luck!