Dutch Lock Down Day Three

All the other days I did this style report, I started out with a ‘joke’ report but, really, I can’t even.

Here’s the State of the Leander Union Address, y’all.

My partner and I are sharing my office while the three kids have a sort of schedule that includes some academic, creative, and outdoor time and today was the first time i had a for realsies productive day.

And yet.

I felt like there was something in the back of my throat like all day.

And I’m SO aware of every cough. Every sneeze. Every time I touch my face.

And this afternoon at 1700 i fell asleep on the couch. Sitting up. Holding A‘s hand. One arm around around each twin.

It felt very much like depression / stress / anxiety / escapism / RUN AWAY / it’s all too much / this is fine.

Keep calm and carry on?

More like ‘Remember to breathe in this endless Friday with no weekend in sight’.

Instead of ‘Do unto others and you would have them do unto you’, maybe ‘At least be civil’.

Or maybe just, ‘SURVIVE.’

The jungle gym / swing set / desperate attempt to create a safe play space for the kids arrived today flat packed and looking so little that we thought we had only ordered a frame or something, but no, everything was there.

It’s all unpacked and airing out until tomorrow when I’ll attack it and, Fellow Warriors, I‘M SO OVERWHELMED.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

Let’s keep blowing out those candles.