Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty Eight

Happy Easter?

What are you doing to celebrate, Warriors?

We didn’t have any plans, specifically, but don’t really do much? Last year some of our favorite neighbors (hi, A and P!) came over for Easter brunch – I made the buns! And the kids hunted for chocolate eggs in our back yard.

But with social distancing and such, well.

I suppose we could’ve done something for just one child, but… it was too much.

But then our nanny brought over tulips.

One bunch for P and one for me.

How awesome is she?

Hi, J!

But first the news:

Remember that neighbor girl I wrote about yesterday morning?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

In the afternoon I heard her again.



A lot.

It was nice.

I think that’s the key, right?


Yeah, embrace the sobs. But embrace the joys, too.

For example, I’m watching season twelve Doctor Who.

Did you catch that?

I didn’t say REWATCHING. I said WATCHING.

Here’s where I admit that I COMPLETELY MISSED ALL of Doctor Who season twelve.


But that’s bringing me joy.

Cuddling Zoe brings me joy.

Tickling boy twin’s legs brings me joy.

Talking with girl twin brings me joy.

Sitting with A brings me joy.

Hearing the neighbor girl laugh joyously brings me joy.

I feel like my hold on joy is tenuous at best but I’m working on it.