Dutch Lock Down Day Twenty

Photo by Fiona Smallwood 
on Unsplash

Day twenty?

Day. TWENTY?!?



Either I’m adjusting to the new normalcy OR I have lost my mind.

Those are the only two options.

Also, it’s very difficult to write when you’re also watching Community having never watched Community. Since Community arrived on Netflix in the Netherlands.

If only Schitt’s Creek would get over here.


It’s a Saturday night.


While I had a really great day today, it’s dark and late and the brain is spiraling downward and so I better wrap this up and tuck myself into bed before the ruminations get really special.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

I rediscovered the garden today.

I mean, I’ve been TRYING to nest back there for a few weeks by building a swing set and carving out little secret spots here and there, but I didn’t actually bust out the hedge trimmer this season UNTIL NOW.

ASIDE: I built that swing set NINE days ago. NINE. It’s been eleven DAYS since I built a swing set. It feels like eleven YEARS.

So I busted out the hedge trimmer and hacking up ONE SINGLE BUSH was so utterly exhausting that I counted it as both cardio AND strength training.


For HOURS after I felt AMAZING.

And by AMAZING I mean Fairly Okay.

And by Fairly Okay I mean not drowning.

So that’s cool.

Photo by Veronica Reverse on Unsplash

But you know what else is cool?

Writing your entry earlier in the day so that you can go to bed earlier in the evening so that you can avoid those especially darker thoughts that peak through the awesome punchlines of Community so that you can get a good night’s sleep so that you don’t have to take a nap so that you don’t find it difficult to go to sleep at night so that you can write your entry earlier in the day.