Figuring This Shit Out

One of the things I’m Working On Right Now ™ is this whole blogging thing and social media and becoming an influencer and thought leadership and how many more buzz words can I fit into one boring sentence. #CanIGetAnAMEN

And part of figuring out some of those things is blogging regularly again, so here we go, with a totally mediocre and that’s okay posting of hello hi and here’s what’s going on in my life RIGHT NOW.

I just noticed that I’ve used ‘right now’ two times already and now three times and that’s exactly where this post is headed.

You’ve been WARNED.


I’ve shifted my daily stream of consciousness journal to have a bit more of a focus so that instead of a free form morning pages, it’s now got three parts:

  1. look at the now: stream of consciousness writing cause this is a valid part of the journal process, but then also
  2. look at the future: daily focus is a list of goals / priorities for the day which can be work related or family related, something that is totally urgent and has to get done that day or is part of an overarching goal or works towards another day’s goal
  3. look at the past: thankful / beautiful / precious details or moments that have happened within the past twenty-four hours


As I was stream writing this morning I realized that I’d like to set up my life around three or four big things. Like in that sadness movie. With the sad character and the happy character and the kid who moves to san francisco and is sadness. Whatever that movie is.

Please hold.

*pause to google*


Okay, so what are my main three identities? I’m a …

  • worker bee – speaker, coder, developer advocate, relationships, project manager, STEM, trainer, mentor, employee
  • family member – partner, mama, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, daughter in law, friend
  • warrior – strength training, racing, healthy choices, ptsd, depression, dancer, maker, artist, feminist

Do I have more identities than that? Is that all I am? Is that okay? I mean, of course it’s okay, but I’m going to digest that one for a bit.

I feel like I’m forgetting something major.

Like escape rooms.


Did you freak out at that word?

It’s Dutch.

It means to check in – on the bus or the train even though you’ve bought a ticket, sometimes you still need to scan your card on a sensor before you take the ride, but in english it has to do with checking in with someone.

How’ve YOU been?

I want to know.

Me, I’ve been traveling like mad and doing all the things and trying to be the best warrior I can be, but I’m wondering about you because we haven’t talked in ten forevers.

So while I’m here and now sitting down and making the promise to post more frequently on this blog and such, I’d like to hear from you as well – how’ve you been? What’ve you been up to? What are you doing today? What are a few things your thankful for from the last day?