Finally Some Good News

Something’s whack with the last version of the database on godaddy. All the site is wiped. I haven’t managed a shower yet. My teeth are wearing a sweater.

And I might feel some regret over posting that picture of me with hairy armpits online.


Music is BLASTING. Shoutout to Apple “For You” for posting a “Feeling Good” playlist to help me self soothe.

“Shake off your troubles with these uptempo pop classics.”

Don’t mind if I do, Apple.


I just figured out that SOME of my old posts are backed up on

Like this super ancient one about DevConf.IN!! !

Or this NEVER BEFORE POSTED GEM on the day we found out we were having twins!

Cause I use it for stream of consciousness daily writing, but ALSO, SOMETIMES, I throw my blog post up over there, too.

So… let’s see what else I find, eh?