Get Ready For More Of This Crap

You can totally tell that I posted yesterday’s post when I was in a groove.


You can tell now?

And this morning when I woke up at NINE cause I totally SLEPT IN one of the first things I thought was, “Oh, damn, I have to remember to write. And post it.”


The End.

This is what stream of consciousness blogging looks like cause I open up the editor and just start writing.

for a short period of time without…

okay, with SOME backspaces and quite a bit of moderation cause if i didn’t go back and edit, hoo boy, you’d see some crap.

and some misspellings.

and everything in one big clump.

one single paragraph.

and is this boring.

just wait, there’s more.

okay, so i give my brain the guide. the writings. the finger strokes.

the driver’s seat.

that’s it.

yesterday i talked about how it’s weird that i have a dutch drivers’ license but not a dutch passport and how in some countries they’ll just assume that you belong in that country just cause you have a driver’s license there.

like the united states.

or, say, brazil.

hypothetically speaking.

i can’t believe i just spelled that correctly.

so i’m giving my fingers and my brain the driver’s license and this is what it’s writing.

boring as fuck, right?

oh, yes, also i curse a lot when i give my brain the driver’s license.

connection lost saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. we’re backing up this post in your browser just in case.

good times.

and this brings you to today’s post.

sometimes i’m boring as shit.

and that’s okay, too.

this is what that looks like.