Happy Mother’s Day Eve!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Fifteen]

Also known as one of two solid reasons why May is MY month.

FYI – May is mine.

The other reason is that it’s my birthday month.

FYI – it’s my birthday month.

But first the news:

Yesterday’s bacon lorem ipsum experiment post was care of scripts, APIs, and a bit of manual writing. I don’t think it’s interesting enough to make a daily thing of, but it’s always nice to test things.

To play.

And yet it’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve played an escape room on a Saturday night.

Live on a stream.

But this week, as part of the shiny new job, I got to do half an escape room and my dreams have been SUPER VIVID PUZZLE ADVENTURES ever since.


The company that did the escape rooms, Escape Experience, is available for booking.

1-10 people.

Online escape room.

With a local avatar.

That you tell them what to do.

And an system for letting you look at your inventory.

And it’s smooth as silk and I was Very Sad I had a meeting that meant I had to leave halfway through.

I’m oh so totally booking a few more games through them.

Like the one I just booked for my birthday.

So that’s happening, but also I need to get a few more games that I can stream with, so if you have any recommendations, I’m listening. We’ve shot through all of the EXIT the GAME and UNLOCK! games, so we’re looking for another brand.

In the meantime, to celebrate Mother’s Day Eve, I’m going to go to bed early and get up at five and go on a long walk, refreshed from all the glorious sleep.