How Was The Appointment?


This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Doctor visit went fine.

I was trying to speak in Dutch cause I didn’t want to have the English / Dutch talk again.

The talk where I explain in Dutch that I’m going to talk in English because I don’t want to misunderstand because this is particularly important to me. I just spoke in Dutch right away because I didn’t want to start crying even before I got to the point.

Besides, speaking in Dutch makes me think.

Really FOCUS.

On the words.

On the translations.

And then I didn’t know the word.

I said, “wat is de werd voor ‘triggers’?”

And he stumbled for a bit and then said, “you can talk in English…”

I explained what happened in English and he called the psychiatrists immediately after he saw me to arrange for the appointment.

He told them it needs to be within two weeks. It normally takes six weeks. Or months.

I was expecting a few months.

So I burst into tears.

Which freaked him out a bit.

Which made me laugh while I was crying.

It was awesome.

And intense.

And I feel infinitely better already.

Let’s see what happens next.






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