“How Was Your Weekend?”

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty One]

“I have a SIX year old!”

I repeated that exchange quite a bit – apparently I’m super chuffed.

But first the news:


And soon I’ll have a pair of THREE YEAR OLDS.

But tonight?

I’m a forty four year old who is going to wake up between four thirty and five – taking advantage of the time change in Europe to go to bed in thirty minutes and wake up at what my body still thinks is between five thirty and six.

But WHY am I getting up at five?

Because I’m exceptionally more productive in the morning than in the evening.

Because when I get up that far ahead of morning rush hour, I feel like I’m the engineer driver on the Morning Rush Hour train instead of the delirious ticketless stow away.

Because I HATE writing this post at the end of the day, resentful that it’s distracting me from a lazy evening of book reading and meditation. With MUCH fewer visits for the day and damnit I just want to go to bed right now.

Because I feel fucking powerful when I start my day at ass o’clock in the morning.

Because it means I go to bed SO EASILY that night.

Because this is who I am.

Because that quiet time before anyone in the house is awake is so very precious. So rare. So beautiful. So exquisitely MINE.

Because I can do morning pages, study Swedish, Japanese and Dutch, do yin yoga, meditate, plank, and eat a morning protein shake before morning rush hour STARTS.

Because THEN I have energy for morning rush hour. And getting everyone dressed. And walking the twins to daycare.

Because I can.

And, now, because it’s nearly my bedtime and I’m exhausted because of the time change – it was just now an hour PAST my bedtime as of two days ago – I’m going to bed shortly in preparation for getting up super early and you’ll know I’ve done it by the celebratory tweet in the morning.

Because #WHYNOT







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