I Can Haz Sleep?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty One]

For seven days, sure, I was ruminating every night because of that whole small claims court thing, but then on Monday night ALL THREE KIDS woke up in the night for Entirely Separate Reasons which required attention and for BOTH Papa AND Mama to wake up and Make Things Right.

And then, last night, which should’ve been fine, well, I woke up anyway and had a shite night’s sleep just because it’s been SO LONG since I’ve had a solid night’s sleep that my body was like, hey, let’s wake up FOR NO REASON AND THINK ABOUT THINGS.

But first the news:

And now it’s half past nine and I’m still not in bed, but writing this post.



I’m super stoked to be back on track with The Farmer Project. And exploring a couple of new puzzles and as much as I’d like to go into detail about those things, I’d much rather go to bed as early as possible so I can normalize sleep.

Cause that’s where we are these days.

G’night, sweet dreams, and see you at five in the morning local, Warriors.