I Seriously Cannot WAIT To Get THERE

Dear Ifat:

I suppose that I should make an introduction of you before simply sending you a blog post, but THAT’S HOW I ROLL. To cut through introductions, I’ll just link to your personal trainer website. And can I also totally recommend a makeover on that thing? Like, the content is solid, but let’s get rid of all the adobe flash, yeah? Also, I take back what I said about the content – it’s static. You NEED a blog on there. AND your latest social media content COUGH INSTAGRAM COUGH displayed on the home page.

And can we talk about how there are NONE pictures of me on there?


But, of course, you know exactly what I’m doing right now.

I’m procrastinating.

Yes, I packed for the gym today. Yes, I’m going to go to the gym. Yes, here’s what I plan on doing.

Walk to gym from cafe: 20 minutes
Cardio warmup: row machine 5:00

Group A 3x
Dumbbell Bench Press 5 kg x 10 reps
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 5 kg x 10 reps

Group B 3x
Leg Press 40 kg x 10 reps
Barbell Curl 10 kg x 10 reps

Group C 3x
Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3 kg x 10 reps
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise 3 kg x 10 reps

Seated Leg Curl 25 kg x 10 reps 3x
Exercise Ball Crunch 15 reps 2x
Yin Yoga 5:00 3x

Walk home from gym: 26 minutes

And, yeah, there’s part of me that thinks, yeah, you know, I should take another set of ‘before’ pictures to commemorate working with you again, but another part of me Just Doesn’t Wanna.

I don’t need the extra indication of how absolutely out of shape I’ve become.

Speaking of indications of how absolutely out of shape I’ve become, yesterday I was doing long overdue yard work and I could hardly lift the hedge trimmer after only ten minutes of work. But then I pushed and did another hour.

Yay going to the gym already tired!

And also I should tell on myself and confess that I totally ate an apple pie tartlette for breakfast. So that’s where we are now.

Let’s see where we’ll go next.




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