If I Get Worse, Yes, I’ll Get Tested

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Seven]

I have enough phlegm in the back of my throat to be annoying.

And a little cough.

And a slightly sore throat.

But first the news:

And I’m tired.

But all that could be stress or heat or allergies or a mild summer cold.

I don’t have a temperature.

I have enough energy to hit ten thousand steps today.

I was otherwise better today than yesterday.

And way better than the day before.


I worry.

The Dutch government encourages us to get tested when we have symptoms, but which ones? Doesn’t COVID react to the body’s systems in different ways producing all different symptoms? Do I schedule a test every time I sneeze? Every time I have a runny nose? Every time I cough? Because I get those symptoms almost every day.

I have two children in full time daycare. Getting sick is just normal.

But at these times when I have more than one symptom? I worry.

Who have I been around?
Where might’ve I got this?
Who did I expose it to?

I worry.