It’s Called Hope. I Haz It.

The phrase of the day seems to be ‘in the meantime’ cause i used it repeatedly for the May 2018 RDO Community Newsletter.

Well, three times.

I used it three times.

Thankfully, I have an excellent editor.

Okay, a persistent editor.

Okay, a LUCKY editor.


I’m the editor.

And I’m super lucky that I caught the redundancy before someone else noticed.

In the meantime….

Me: I’d like to start running a mile a day to get back into shape.
Also me: I’m still hungry after dinner so I will bake chocolate chip walnut cookies from scratch and eat one out of every batch.

Me: My three year old watches entirely too much television.
Also me: What apps are best for entertaining a three year old?

Me: Getting up at five in the morning will make me so productive. Plus, BONUS – ME time!
Also me: Sleep is beautiful.

Me: I’m going to write a series of ways that my needs and desires are contradictory.
Also me: This is boring.

Me: Procrastination is BAD.
Also me: But the house is SO CLEAN.

Me: Here is this awesome advice that is perfectly balanced logic and emotion just right for your situation.
Also me: Why can’t I take my own advice?!?

Me: I have cake.
Also me: I eat cake.

Me: I would like to be fashionable and edgy and own Those Boots ™.
Also me: I want to wear sweatpants and be barefoot ALWAYS.

Me: That is so totally disgusting.
Also me: That is so totally fascinating.

Me: I want to be a girly girl and bake bread and put glitter on everything!
Also me: I want to be a tom boy and climb trees and hack the world!

Me: I want it all.
Also me: No, seriously, I want it all.