It’s Not Always The Most Productive

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty]

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

I’m getting back into the groove of getting up at five in the morning which basically means that I’m staying awake when Boy Twin wakes me up at four in the morning because he’s leaked through.

I oh so totally CANNOT wait for him to let go of that three bottles of milk at night habit.

Yes, I know it’s up to me to wean him.

It’s hard.

I have other priorities, damnit.

You know we just moved from across the pond, right?



Normally when I wake up in the morning, it’s this whirlwind of productivity – catching up on email, yoga and strength training and a long walk, studying Swedish and Japanese and Dutch, meditation, morning pages and a couple of cups of tea.

Sometimes I catch up on my shopping.

And nothing else.

The thing about moving (OMG OUR STUFF HAS ARRIVED IN US PORT!! !) is that you’re missing stuff. And also you can’t move your kitchen stuff, like tea and alcohol and such, unless you’re willing to pay a hefty customs fee – and even then, when you move internationally, it can take two to four months for that stuff to arrive.

We are Exhibit A.

This morning I thought, “Self,” I thought, “we should finish setting up to stream on Saturdays.”

Saturdays are escape rooms and puzzles and so we need cameras that stream from above which is something that I hacked together back in the Netherlands and threw out the window to transport over here cause it would fall apart almost every week, so I turned to my friend, the internet, and fell down the rabbit hole.

Cause not only did I buy a ‘document reader’ camera but also an arm camera mount so we’ll have two different angles. And then a cup holder camera mount for the car. And a couple of bathroom countertop organizers. And a pack of three bathroom liquid soaps, and a monthly subscription to Twinings English Breakfast Tea.

And a variety pack of KIND Nut Bars.

And a variety pack of 100 calorie Emerald Nuts.


And a FIFTY count of “Variety Snack Packs Ultimate Care Package Gift Basket for College Students, Birthday Gift for Women, Men, Kids, Healthy Snacks for Adults, Natural Bars, Nuts, Cookies, Chips, Mixed Fruit” which, honestly, was where I blinked and thought, “Maybe I’m buying too much?”

And totally would’ve walked away, but then I coughed and remembered that what I’ve been meaning to buy for literally WEEKS is Yogi Tea’s Honey Lemon Throat Comfort cause that stuff is AMAZING and special shout out to H (xoxo!) who totally sent it to me in the Netherlands when I had a cold and I consumed it oh so slowly over a very long time cause that stuff is pure awesome if you’re a speaker / singer, but also if you have a sore throat or even if you just want a nice cup of herbal tea.

Now it’s a bit after six.

Let’s see if I can get this train back on track – yoga and walking and languages and such.

Or maybe it’s Friday and we’re lazy on Fridays cause #FRIDAY