It’s Still HOT But!

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty]

We have another AIRCO!! !

We bought the first one nine years ago when we moved here at the end of August 2011, slept ONE fitful night and biked our happy butts to the local hardware store to buy a mobile airco unit, me riding on the back of our single borrowed bike, dragging it along behind us.

When we had kids, it went to their room and we didn’t buy a second one because we were acclimated to the incredible heat to where we only needed a fan and an open window.

Until now.

But first the news:

It could’ve arrived at anytime today between 0830 and 2130 but it came at 1530! Which means that instead of dragging it up to our bedroom, I took it right out to the office and set it up and almost fainted from the sweet cold relief.

Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

After we put the twins to bed, we walked it up to our room, turned it on, and left. Because we have three walking kids, we can’t sleep with our door closed, but we closed all the doors and windows on that floor and the one above and I don’t know why I’m going into such detail, oh, yes, it’s because I’m RIDICULOUSLY looking forward to sleep tonight but I’m still sitting in a pool of my own sweat right now and sleep deprived from miserable sleep last night, so that’s where we are.

That’s okay.



And it’s been running in our bedroom for HOURS now. I’m almost finished with this post and once I publish it, I get to go brush my teeth, floss, take meds, and meditate in pure bliss before going to bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeping in AAAAIIIIIIRRRRRCOOOOOOOOOO!

What’s brought you joy today, Warriors?

Sleep deprived melty minds want to know!