Moving Back to the States: The Detroit House

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eighty One]

Today the money theoretically hits our Dutch account and needs to be sent immediately over to our American account after I visit the local office to raise our daily limit to ludicrous levels for One! Day! Only!

And hope I do everything correctly cause if it needs to be resent, I’ll be on a plane.

But first the news:

Ever since the house flooded, I’ve been holding onto it – I don’t want to let it go for any reason – even if it is a flood house – but last night I kind of let it go.

Which is good, cause it’s a flood house.

There’s still a slim chance that negotiations will work out?


It means we’re starting over looking for our Detroit home. Which is overwhelming and exhausting and UGH but it also means we’re no longer looking at the Pointes – no more tudor castle for us.

No, it turns out that flooding really is A Problem ™ and our priorities now include getting a flood factor of 1/10 in addition to amazing schools, avoiding The Stepford Wives, and omg I will stab myself in the eye if I have to see another ranch.


This means that the trip to Detroit next week is NOT setting everything up, but simply looking at a million houses and Not Freaking Out About It.

This is incredibly disappointing mostly because it means that when we fly the whole family over we’ll need to stay at a hotel or fly over to stay with family for at least a few weeks while we ACTUALLY set up the house.

Worse case scenario, though, is that we need to rent for a year.

Which… sucks…. and I’m trying not to freak out right now.

I’m… going to go for a walk now and … meditate.

Wish me luck, please?