Now That We’re Writing Every Day

Do we stop?

Write when the urge takes us?

Edit for content?

Get more consistent on the publishing quality?


Even though I’ve been writing every single day for over a month… I would link to the original post, sometime in early May, but it’s in that sweet spot of posts that were wiped when the site was hacked, but haven’t been restored yet.

Oy, that’s a passive paragraph.

I’m going to keep pushing to write every day because, ideally, I’d like to write every day AT THE SAME TIME.

As part of a consistent morning routine.

Publication isn’t as important to me, but consistency is as is being able to write / push through writer’s block.

Cause I’m supposed to write for work now, too.

A lot.

For example, I’m supposed to be writing a blog post (due LAST Thursday, OF COURSE) about newsletters and it’s just… STUCK.

Yesterday I chatted / brainstormed with my boss about it and then didn’t write down exactly what we said and those ideas are completely gone.



But at least I’m writing over here, right?

Okay, but now it’s time to stop THIS and go over there and do THAT.

And the goal for here is to write and publish more CONSISTENTLY.

Ready, set?








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