Oh, Hey, I’m Getting the COVID Test Tomorrow

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifteen]


The twins have had a cough for ten days. And a runny nose.

Nothing else.

But first the news:

But that’s the rule – if you have two (or more) of the coronavirus symptoms, then you have to go home until you’re symptom free for twenty four hours.

The twins were sent home last Monday.

They’ve had normal temperatures, no throat pain, no trouble breathing and zomg SO MUCH energy this whole week.

They’re fine.

And how do I know they’re fine?

Because I have whatever they have.

Phlegm, coughing and sporadic sneezes.

And I’m … fine.



This morning I call – hey, the twins have had this cough for ten days now, can they come in?


They have two (or more) coronavirus symptoms, they MUST get a *negative* COVID test in order to come into the doctor’s office.

Thankfully I have the exact same symptoms and can take the test on their behalf. If I’m negative, they’re negative.

Which is how I’m signed up to take the COVID test tomorrow afternoon.

Now, the waiting time went WAY down since we spent the DAY on the phone trying to get a COVID test for our six year old only to realize his fever was due to a knee infection. When we called then, the appointment was for three or four days later – we made the appointment today at 1600 for tomorrow at 1400.

Which tells me that either more testing places opened or less people are testing. And since the numbers only seem to be getting higher and higher (until today – slight dip!) the latter doesn’t seem likely.

But, yeah, I’m getting the COVID test tomorrow, not because I feel sick but to eliminate it as a possibility just so that my twins can go into the doctor to find out what’s REALLY wrong with them.