Oke, But Seriously, You’ve Voted, Right?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Seven]

Yes, like, three weeks ago or so?

I should probably do that thing where I make sure it actually went through, eh?

But first the news:

  • ha ha j/k it’s Sunday

This weekend I’m doing GISH and, if I’m honest, I can’t even.

I woke up this morning at five.

And felt like throwing up.

Which, for me, means I haven’t had enough sleep.

But I kinda wanted to be sure, so I got up, walked around a bit, sat for a bit, and when I still felt like throwing up, went back to bed.

Everyone here is a walking cold case – P’s got a sore throat, I’ve got phlegm, Boy Twin has a cough, Girl Twin has snot.

It sucks.

But none of us has more than two symptoms.

And no fevers.

The official voting deadline for the United States is this Tuesday and I’m kind of scared.

I remember four years ago, P and I were on an island, having our first family vacation – this was before twins – and he woke me up with, “Trump won.”

What a horrible alarm clock, eh?

This year we’re definitely not on vacation. And definitely not on an island. And now there are two more of us running around.

Stay safe, my fellow Americans.

And remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t get counted.



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