On The Move: Maintaining Healthy Routines While Traveling For Work

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

The art of balancing health and wellness while traveling for work is not an easy feat. Often, we find ourselves stuck in a conference room, surrounded by pastries, seated for hours on end, and then to top it off, our sleep is disrupted. How can we maintain healthy routines while on the road? Let’s dive into some strategies:

Plan Ahead

Take advantage of technology to scout your destination in advance. Apps like ‘AroundMe’ or ‘Yelp’ can help you locate healthy eateries, parks for outdoor workouts, or nearby gyms. Many hotels have partnered with fitness clubs to offer day passes to their guests, a detail that’s worth checking before booking your accommodation.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is non-negotiable for maintaining energy and overall health. Water keeps our bodies running smoothly, especially when we’re traveling and in different climates. Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout the day. If you need a reminder, the ‘Water Drink Reminder’ app can be your hydration buddy.

Stay Hydrated

No, really, it’s THAT important. Drink your water. Right, Mary?

Make Time for Exercise

Just as important as drinking water is staying active. According to Mayo Clinic, adults should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. This could be as simple as doing yoga in your hotel room (Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is a good starting point) or exploring your surroundings on foot.

Healthy Eating

Business travel can often lead us to unhealthy food options. Opt for meals with plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. The ‘HealthyOut’ app can help you find healthy food options in the area. And remember, even at a buffet, you can make good choices. The ‘portion plate’ concept, where half your plate is fruits and vegetables, a quarter is protein, and a quarter is grains, can be an effective guide.

Prioritize Sleep

Dr. Matthew Walker, a sleep scientist and the author of “Why We Sleep,” calls sleep the “single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day.” Try to stick to your regular sleep schedule as much as possible. Apps like ‘Calm’ and ‘Headspace’ offer guided sleep meditations to aid restful sleep.

Mindful Moments

Conferences can be stressful and hectic. Just a few minutes of mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase focus. Try a quick meditation or breathing exercise using apps like ‘Insight Timer’ or ‘Calm.’

Limit Alcohol

Social events and networking often come with drinks. Remember, it’s okay to enjoy yourself, but moderation is key.

Stay Active During the Conference

Take every opportunity to move around. Stand at the back during a session, take the stairs, walk to nearby locations instead of taking a cab. Every bit of movement counts!

In the end, remember, the aim is to do the best you can. As nutritionist Lisa Young reminds us, “It’s about progress, not perfection.” You may not be able to maintain your regular routine perfectly, but making conscious choices can help you stay on track. So next time you pack your suitcase for a business trip, remember to pack these strategies too!



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