[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Thirty Five]

A friend reached out the other day, “Hey, you still managing? Haven’t seen a blog post in a bit. Not that I cyber stalk you or anything.”

And they’re right.

I’m not okay.

This whole OMG WE’RE MOVING TO AMERICA IN AUGUST thing is really running me over.

Yes, I’m excited.

I’m also stressed.

And I’m also well and truly going to miss all my friends here in the Netherlands / Europe / this side of the pond.

Plus now we have minions.

But first the news:

If I stop blogging daily it really is because I’m starting to crash. The only difference is that now I have a new job, too. And also the moving thing. So, yeah, it could entirely be because it’s super busy, too. But one of the things that I’ve switched around a bit was when and where I blog.

I reset passwords on a LOT of things because I was basically using the same passwords for #AllTheThings which is really insecure but damnit we all do it but then there was a security breach on one of my systems and to prevent the chaos, I reset #AllTheThings – which includes this blog.

Because this website has totally been hacked in the past, so I’m especially conscious of this damn thing.

But, also, I would find myself at the end of the day writing some crap and just wanting to go to bed, so I didn’t use a password that I could remember and easily use from other systems, I used one of those long, automatically generated and stored in a password system and didn’t transfer it to other systems.

So I can only use it via my work laptop in my office.

And to maintain work / life balance, I absolutely do not come back to work outside of working hours except sometimes I do but I’m working on that.

Oke, so hi.

We’re caught up.

I had a great birthday.

Actually, no, that’s not true.

I had a shit birthday, but it was SO shit that it looped back around to SitCom level shit and my brain, thankfully, found the hilarity in everything and I spent the day laughing.

Even after I coughed so hard that I threw up.

I laughed as I cleaned up the vomit.

Yeah, it was that bad.

And yesterday when my partner and I absolutely lost our minds looking for my Social Security Card I easily went to workout with my personal trainer because I knew I’d feel better afterwards instead of crawling under a rock to die.

And I did.

Feel better, I mean, not crawl under a rock to die.

I’ve ordered a replacement card. We’ve finished a mortgage application and received tentative pre-approval. We’re moving forward with earnest money on a house. But that all might change if #ThingsHappen

And that’s the sticker, eh?

We still don’t know which state we’ll move to – it’s down to two states – and it makes the planning and moving thing a lot more difficult, but there are a ton of things we can still do over here in the Netherlands.

Like put our house on the market in the next two weeks.

Which means staging our house over the next two weeks for the photographer to come take pictures and for us to fill out paperwork for the house to be officially put on the market.

And it’s a lot.

So, yeah, I’m probably going to miss a few more days.

Feel free to reach out and poke me.

I appreciate it.

Even if you are TOTALLY a cyber stalker, H.

I mean it, Warriors.

I appreciate you.

Thanks for noticing.

Thanks for messaging.

I love you, too.



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