Prepping For Today’s Stream And The Rest Of My Life

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Seventy Six]

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I saw my colleague do something yesterday that I’m totally going to apply to all of my YouTube streams and, frankly, it’s brilliant, so I’m going to share it with you as well.

(Hi, M!)

But first the news:

Also I’m super jealous that he’s earned the pretty little short link [] and I’ve got []

Only seventy-nine more subscribers to go!

We can DO this!

This is super simple, and if you’re streaming / posting to youtube, you need to be doing this, too, because this is part of how the algorithm finds you.

I’m talking to you, Leander.

That’s why we’re so IMPRESSED – cause we know we’re supposed to be doing this, but we haven’t been, but McKay made it look so easy, so we’re doing it now, too.

All Hail The First Two Hundred

The first two hundred characters in the YouTube description are before the [read more] button and will actually be read without having to expand anything.


There’s the most important copy of the description.

If you have a Call To Action, that would go here.

Since I’m not selling anything or asking people to sign up to a mailing list or visit my blog, I’m leaving that out, but a CTA is one of my missing links and I’ve got something brewing.

The Rest of the Description

There’s enough space in a video description to make a mini blog post – don’t waste it.

This is how people find your video when they search within YouTube but also the algorithm makes recommendations to people based on this description AND this is how search engines find it as well.

Don’t forget to include important links referenced in the video as well as how people can find you outside of YouTube.

Set The Table

Have you ever watched a recorded stream knowing that you need a vital bit of knowledge in it, but you don’t know where it is so you have to watch the entire three hour thing?


Help your future viewers out by including a a reference to specific points within the stream.

And all those links go to specific points within the video.


And Then?

In three hours I’m going to stream to create an intro and outro video for Packet and I thought it’d be interesting to do the process LIVE!

I’ve already scheduled it on YouTube and the part I’m particularly chuffed about is that I’ve remembered to make a specific thumbnail for today’s stream.


And… somehow I already have two likes on that video….

Focus, Leander.

Also, it says that I’ll be live in two hours, but no, I double checked, 0930 is THREE hours from now.

Not two.


Please excuse me while I go puke from the stress.