Put On Your Shoes

So there’s this song, see.

For toddlers.

About getting ready and going outside.

And PROS.alpha likes it.

A lot.

I’ll let you go ahead and imagine how many times we’ve seen it, but first, of course, because I love, I’m gonna go ahead and share it with you.


Guess how many times I’ve heard this song.


The other day when I was full on depressed and didn’t want to get out of bed, let alone go for a race, I started breaking it down THAT MUCH.

I was downstairs and I could not procrastinate any longer or I would miss the start of the race and I just DID NOT WANT.

And I heard that damn song.

Put. On. Your. Shoes.

I put on my shoes. But I didn’t wanna.

And then I got my phone. But I didn’t wanna.

And then I got the car keys. But I didn’t wanna.

And then I left the house.

But I SO didn’t wanna.

Step. By step. By step. Until I found myself at the start line. And there wasn’t a next step that I could do except wait, so then I played Pokemon.

And I still chuckle at the sight I must’ve been – standing in the midst of all these excited runners buzzing with anticipation.



Flicking at my phone.

But then we were moving forward, walking.

And then jogging.

And then passing the start line and the guy making all the announcements reads my name off of my race bib.


And then I RAN.