QnA With Rain: OpenShift

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Q: You do meditation things every day. How do you do this? Do you have an app that leads through it?

A: Headspace. I love it.

Q: Awesome. Let’s say I want an ‘openshift for complete dummies’. Got a suggestion?

A: There’s no openshift for complete dummies, but I could write that up for you.

But first the news:

The quick summary is that OpenShift is Red Hat’s platform as a service on kubernetes and Docker. Also, it helps to dive into microservices, if you haven’t heard of it, as this is one of the core concepts / benefits of kubernetes.

Therefore, to get started, read over the PaaS wikipedia, then inhale kubernetes and docker, and if you haven’t met it yet, get to know microservices.

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Nigel Poulton

I’m a huge fan of Nigel Poulton who wrote The Kubernetes Book and Docker Deep Dive, both of which I’ve read and LOVE and totally recommend. Also, the Kubernetes Book is available in audio and is HILARIOUS. I particularly love Nigel’s work because it breaks it down and is lightly snarky about it.

Kubernetes In Action

Kubernetes in Action is a comprehensive guide to effectively developing and running applications in a Kubernetes environment. Before diving into Kubernetes, the book gives an overview of container technologies like Docker, including how to build containers, so that even readers who haven’t used these technologies before can get up and running.

KubeAcademy by VMware

KubeAcademy is a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education program built by a team of expert instructors.

Master Cloud-Native Infrastructure with Kubernetes

Kubernetes has been called the “Linux of distributed systems.” It is fast becoming the standard open-source tool for cloud-native application delivery. Learn how to get started with containers and Kubernetes, and build microservices architectures for reliability and resilience.

Become a DevOps Engineer

Are you a developer learning continuous delivery, a sys admin keeping current, or a new engineer getting started? This Learning Path helps you gain skills to work in DevOps. Learn about infrastucture automation, lean and agile transformation, security, monitoring, and site reliability engineering.

A simple high-level overview of RedHat’s OpenShift

Openshift is a Red Hat product focused on a containers platform for development and hosting enterprise applications. In technical terms, OpenShift is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) where you can handle and manage underline infrastructure components.


The Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat OpenShift. Built around a core of OCI container packaging and Kubernetes container cluster management, OKD is also augmented by application lifecycle management functionality and DevOps tooling. OKD provides a complete open source container application platform.

What Is OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift® is a hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform, trusted by 2,000+ organizations. Scroll down to the bottom for a ton of resources – get best practices, expert tips, and free tools.

Getting Started with OpenShift for Developers

Be able to provide a great experience for both Developers and System Administrators to develop, deploy, and run containerized applications using OpenShift. Developers should love using OpenShift because it enables them to take advantage of both containerized applications and orchestration without having to know the details. Developers are free to focus on their code instead of spending time writing Dockerfiles and running docker builds.