Ready? Set? GO!! !

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Seventy Three]

Today is marvelously delightfully exquisitely the last day of work for 2020.

And it’s not so much that I’m Not Working as much as holy shit this dumpster fire year is almost over.

Nothing is magically solved at midnight on 01 January 2021, BUT there’s a certain … relief? Surprise? Bewilderment? That we survived this ridiculous year. That the year is passed. There was this … twistedness that made it feel as though every day, or maybe every hour, came straight from The Twilight Zone.

But first the news:

And while I’m not sure what I’m doing over the next few weeks I know that I’ll get four whole days off before the hell that is christmas to new year’s day.

If I’m honest, I’m kind of terrified of that long break from 25 december and 04 january.

But I’ve made an outline of a plan to maximize compassion, minimize break down, and remember to breathe. Which is really what it all comes down to – remembering to breathe.

Just breathe.