Ready to Talk?!? The Science of Presenting Your Research

Five weeks ago I did a talk for a research group at the local hospital and had an absolute blast.

I’m starting to think I might be good at this speaking thing.

And this training thing.

And other things.

You’ve gathered and analyzed the data. Written it up and submitted it to the top journals and conferences.

And now you’ve been asked to present.

From informal lab meetings with an audience of four students to formal conference talks to hundreds of colleagues, students, and professionals – are you ready?

During a one hour interactive workshop, we will digest the following topics based on the tenants of Toastmasters International and several years of presenting:

  • How do I show my work? Using slides as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Who are you people? How to read, interact, and engage with your audience.
  • Where do I look and what do I do with my hands? Investigating body language, gestures, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Um, what? Getting rid of so, um, uh, er and other verbal crutches.
  • What did you just say? Listening and giving constructive practical feedback.