Shit. And a Temperature.

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Four]

Time to schedule a test.

Test Scheduled.

And they’ve gotten so streamlined about it that I’m getting tested for three hours from now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Test Taken.

“You were tested on January 17, 2021. Your test result is negative . That means you didn’t have corona at the time.” @0900 on 18jan2021

Now the wait for results which can take up to forty eight hours to arrive.

Unlike the first time I went, it was practically empty today – only two testing rooms open today instead of twelve. No line at all. The disinfectant pump is automatic now. There’s a pamphlet given out in English or Dutch afterwards.

I’m impressed.

And almost immediately after taking the test, the mild fever disappeared, so I’m already feeling better.






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