So We Bought A Pool

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Forty Six]

It’s day three of a seven or eight or million day streak of 29-32 degree highs.

We have one airco unit.

It’s in the kids room.

We have a ton of fans going.

I’m in power saver mode.

But first the news:

There are a million things that I wanted to tackle this week while on vacation but as of Friday I just… stopped… doing things.

Photo by John King on Unsplash

I’ve slipped into bare minimum mode where I only make sure I get out of bed and cook dinner and floss. And that other stuff like make headway with personal branding and read Kubernetes: Up & Running and do GISH have COMPLETELY fallen to the wayside.

It’s just Too Damn Hot.

I’m having trouble focusing. I’m having trouble remembering to eat. I’m having trouble staying awake when I’m supposed to be awake or sleeping when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

And I’m SO not exercising. Not even walking. Much.

And that’s okay.


We bought a rather large inflatable pool. And we’re wearing sunscreen. And eating ice cream. And moving as little as possible. And opening windows when the air outside is cooler than the air inside. And sometimes remembering to brush our teeth when we’re supposed to brush our teeth.

And that’s also okay.

I didn’t make much headway on the personal branding except to pick out some colours and update the site accordingly. Oh, and pick ONE picture for the header.

And that’s oh so totally okay, too.

I hope that you’re doing well no matter where you live – forgiving yourself and adjusting your dailies as needed or pushing yourself if you can handle it. Only YOU know the best path for you – no one else can know. No one else can tell you what to do. What’s best for you. Not even me.

And that’s okay.



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