Tell On Yourself Then Brag About It

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

While I didn’t get a single thing done on that list of three things that I told on myself yesterday, I made progress.

Cause its all about the journey, not the destination #AMIRITE

And because I got a lot of ‘are you okay?s’ yesterday, let me answer that one right here and now.

I’m okay.

I could be better.

I’m struggling a bit, if I’m honest.

But I know I’ll be okay.

This, too, shall pass.

Especially if I get these three things done, damnit.

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash


I have been using a fanny pack on my boobs cause all the cool kids are doing it and a few weeks ago I realized I could do that #AllTheTime and it’s truly GLORIOUS.

Context – I pretty much carry my phone with me everywhere except I then put it down everywhere and many outcomes are possible – a twin, partner or child picks it up and hands it back to me OR a twin or child picks it up and will NOT give it back OR I completely forget where it is and have to frantically run around looking for it cause I’ve set it on silent cause I’m an idiot OR something else entirely.

So now that fanny pack worn wrong convenience is on my chest every waking minute and that means that I’m secretly giggling pretty much all the time cause the 80s are back, yo, and also it means that when I saw the doctor’s referral yesterday, forgotten and alone, I scooped it up and stuffed it in there.

Now it’s with me all the time, ready for the next time I’m in Haren to pop by the physical therapist and set an appointment.


I totally meant to put the clothes by the back door into their own bag and hang them from the door we exit as we sprint off to school and daycare and then I TOTALLY FORGOT.


Except Wednesdays are also ‘Family Drop Off Day’ wherein the ENTIRE family goes to A’s school to drop him off and then I drive P to and from work and we do this cause it makes A totally happy even though it’s the most inefficient process in the world and then P and I get ONE day a week to connect for twenty minutes like actual grown up adults.

Yes, it’s very strange, I know.

P doesn’t reply to any of the blog posts here or on the socials because, he says, “Then I’d have to reply to ALL of them.” But sometimes I know that he’s reading or has read because he does something like this morning.

As we’re walking out the door, P turns around and asks, “Are these THE clothes?”

I responded by staring at him.

He looks down at the clothes again, then back at me.

“Oh! YES!”

And since we were all going to all the places, we packed everyone and everything INCLUDING THE CLOTHES into the car.

And then when we dropped the oldest off at school and the twins off at daycare, I totally left all the clothes in the car so now they’ll live in the car for the next few years, but at least they’re no longer sitting by the back door.



Oh, wait, I did actually reach the destination on this one.

Cause I’m writing right now.

Go, me!

And it’s simple, really. In the mornings before I work out at the gym, I hit a cafe next door for a quick breakfast of orange juice, English breakfast tea with milk, and a multi grain croissant.

Also, in order to entertain myself and not stab my eyes out, I have gotten into the habit of bringing my iPad and downloading a couple of episodes of something more entertaining than the sports channel or the history channel which are the two TVs in front of the cardio section of the gym.

Sure, that sentence could be less convoluted, but PBBT!

My iPad also has a super old Bluetooth keyboard cover. When I first got an iPad over five years ago, I thought I’d take it everywhere. Work in cafes. Travel light.

Oh, naive past me.

This keyboard has pretty much been absolutely unused for five years.

Until NOW.

Here I am, sitting in the cafe next to my gym, eating breakfast and drinking tea, WRITING.

It means that the cafe part of the gym part of the habit takes a little bit longer, but it also means the breakfast gets to digest just a little bit more which I’m sure my personal trainer and my belly will be a bit happier about.

Photo by Mark Autumns on Unsplash

How did you do on your things?

Got them done? Avoided them like the plague?

I can relate, that’s normally me.

But, let me tell you, it feels pretty good right now – having made progress. Kind of like letting your breakfast before jumping on the treadmill for twenty minutes, the stairs for five minutes, and back to the treadmill for twenty minutes.