The COVID Test Is Negative

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Ninety Nine]


But first the news:

This morning I woke up WRECKED.

Because I’ve got a cough that Will Not End, I spent last night in another room on another floor, separate from the family so that the coughing wouldn’t wake the Minions or my partner and instead of feeling better this morning, I felt MUCH worse.

Cause I had spent the night coughing.

And drowning in snot.

I messaged my partner, “Sick. Please wrangle Littles alone?”

He did.

And I went back to sleep for another few hours.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

When I woke up I scheduled a COVID test.

I assumed it would be same day and I was right, but there were several nearby options instead of the single one I’ve used twice before – how nice.

The new place is drive through. And speed results.

The thing about drive through is that now you don’t have a WALL keeping you from backing away when they shove a stick into your brain via your nose.

The only thing keeping you there is sheer force of willpower.

Cause you can just move your head back into the car away from the Very Mean Person With A Stick.

Which is why it took THREE SCRAMBLES to get enough brain on a stick to test for COVID.


Awesomely, I got the results before my BRAIN STOPPED HURTING.

And, almost immediately, I stopped coughing as much and there was less snot and the throat pain faded. Cause part of the awesomeness of being sick with a cold is that It Could Be COVID and OMG AM I ABOUT TO DIE?

But it’s not.

And while, sure, I might be about to die for Other Reasons cause no one knows when it’s Their Time ™ anyway, but not today, COVID.

Not today.