The Path Less Travelled

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Seventy Five]

I spent yesterday experimenting with mmhmm, StreamYard, iMovie, Free Music Archive, and Unsplash.

The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

But first the news:

I’ll talk about all the things I learned, but first, do you want to see the video I posted?

First, lower your expectations.

And fill your heart with joy, support, and encouragement.

Now, LOOK!


Now, I was getting ready to slam on this app because I hadn’t had a great experience with it yesterday – it’s in the middle of the video I did – when I’m kind of doing a weather girl thing with github desktop. But then I thought I’d want to say a little bit more about what it is and that’s when I came across this.

Which looks badass and totally explores mmhmm in a few ways I didn’t do.

Mmhmm doesn’t, however, solve how craptastic my internet is here in the office nor how much it canNOT handle my spiky hair. When my hair has calmed down a bit, maybe I’ll go back in and explore it again.


Packet got two professional accounts with StreamYard and now I can stream to EIGHT destinations simultaneously! Except, no, I can’t stream to LinkedIn without applying to some special program and it turns out that I only have FOUR destinations that I actually care about.

Also, I don’t know what will happen when one of my colleagues wants to stream to facebook; do they remember to remove my account and add their own? I hope so.

I set up a few different branding groups – one for when I do Packet things with its logo and backgrounds (note to self, I should build a Packet countdown video!) and one for myself when I use it to game on Saturday nights.


Holy hell I have so much more to learn. I figured out how to import a song that isn’t conveniently within my Music folder and how to clip things down and how to do an intro and an outro but it was like banging my head against a brick wall. Things are SO NOT intuitive and I think I need to take the time to RTFM instead of whatever happened yesterday.

I learned a lot, though, and I’m not so frustrated that I won’t dive in again.

Once I’ve taken a break.

And sipped some coffee.

Not now.

Free Music Archive

If you need music, please check out Free Music Archive where you can search by license and find mostly what you need. The searchability is good, but not great, so give yourself plenty of time to explore as well as listen. There’s a lot of awesome experiments happening over there, too, which makes my artistic heart SING.


If you’ve been here before today, you know I use Unsplash with attribution, which is not required, but it’s just Something I Do ™.

“Over 1 million free high-resolution images brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.”

I’m a huge fan.

What’s Next?

More explorations!! !

I look at that video from yesterday and I see places where the cuts could’ve matched the music, for example, and how I could’ve made it a bit more interesting – more dance, for example – but mostly that it took SO LONG to do all the things and I want to be WAY more comfortable with all of the things.

Mostly, I’m realizing I need to give mmhmm another pass and see if I can make it work better for me. I think it’ll require actually planning out what I’m going to say and finding graphics / videos that support it well.

Instead of rambling from the heart.



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