The Project Pitch Debriefing

A friend video taped what I actually said which was not nearly as eloquent as what I recently wrote and as I listen to people vote for their favorite pitches and discuss mine, I realize that I didn’t get the point across. People are discussing it in terms of education, which is true, it’s partially about education and knowledge sharing, but it’s more about accomplishing tasks.

Related to achievement goal theory of motivation which is about how much more efficient people do in school when they have specific goals. Which may also be applied to how efficient you do IN LIFE when you have specific goals.


It seems that people only heard the first part. “Do you want to learn a new skill?” was the first line of my speech after, “Hi, my name is Rain, yes, like the weather.” And this is what people are stuck on.

So, apparently, in addition to finding a business guru and developers and designers, I need to work on my communication skills. And possibly find a sales guy. Who will, of course, actually get the point across.

Then again, if *I* can’t communicate the idea, how will anyone else?