The Ten Day Work Trip

[COVID Day Five Hundred Seventy]

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

I finally packed. The day of the flight. And I made the flight.

And flying domestically within the United States is every bit as scary as I thought it’d be – no vaccine verification, no COVID test verification, just wear a mask, pack into the overbooked plane and hope you don’t sit next to a cougher.

I was the cougher.

I mean, I knew I didn’t have COVID and was fit to fly based on several negative COVID tests and a call to the nurse, but no one else did, so I was eating cough drops like candy and doing my best to be invisible and silent.

It sucked.

But first the news:

While, no, this post will not encompass the entirety of the first work trip I’ve done in twenty months, let’s get an overview, shall we?

All Praise Nurse’s Shoes

I was not used to standing all day. Or walking all day. Or any of it.

But my feet were Present because I took care of them.

So they took care of me.

And Other Stuff

I don’t know.

This was going to be one of those longer posts where I talk about some of the highlights of the ten days, but dayum, I just got seriously distracted and now that I’m back, I can’t even.

I’m up at five this morning because two days ago I received the results from the blood work from the first check up I’ve had in ten years and my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are too high and I’m officially overweight.

Not slightly overweight.


And these are things I’ve known, but didn’t really have motivation to do anything about it, but apparently this is enough to get my happy butt to the gym for the first time in this country and rip me out of bed at five in the morning and Make Healthy Choices like hiring a grocery / meal service.

I totally ate McDonald’s last night.

Cause it’s convenient and when I’m solo parenting, I panic a bit.


Or, at least, it won’t be as common as once a week, eh?

The goal is something along the lines of ‘omg we haven’t had McDonald’s in ten forevers, who’s keen?’ or, ideally, ‘ew, McDonald’s; can’t we just get a kale salad instead?’




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