Two Talks This Week!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Sixty Six]

This MAY or may not have been why the past few weeks have been super sketch – stress is a BEAST, yo.

But first the news:

This morning I am absolutely over the moon to give the very first presentation of Getting Started: Embrace Your Inner Child at DevOpsDays oNLine!

“On the road to becoming a unicorn, you need to go backwards to make progress. As we get older, we forget how to fall down, how to play, how to explore and be curious – and these are necessary skills to becoming the best unicorn you can be.”

And then on Saturday, I’m giving Put On Your Own Mask First at Short Stack Conference, which is a bit of a riff on the flight safety presentation but also full of tangible suggestions for taking care of yourself, especially after trauma.

“I’d like to pretend that you’ll never need to know how to help a friend because we all live in world without war or sexual abuse. Without trauma. But. Just in case my pretend world doesn’t exist and you find yourself needing to help someone. Or to help yourself. Listen up.”