Up At Five, Sakes Alive!

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Two]

Lemme explain that.

And yawn so massively that my jaws ache.

And glance at the news articles posted since I wrote last night.

And go back to bed.

I meant to be super productive this morning as I bounced out of bed but then the cat and the twins and the Lesbians Who Tech.

So I pretty much spent the entire past hour figuring out my schedule. And applying to the CFP even though the schedule drops 01 November, so I’m sure they’ve already worked out the schedule, but one can hope, eh?

But, yeah, the cat was extra MEOWLY LOUD and the twins were WIDE AWAKE and it was not quiet time at the home front this morning and it kind of sucked, but also this is day one of re-establishing that five a.m. thing and I’m super stoked not only because of how productive and delightful I find this habit, but also because it’s an indicator that the hormones are FINALLY stabilising.

About. Damn. Time.

And now that I’ve woken UP at five a.m. it’ll be super easy to go to sleep tonight at nine so that I can continue this habit tomorrow and the next day and the next until I’m one of those annoying five a.m. people again.


And if you’d like to join me, answer these questions for yourself. This is what I was thinking about when I wrote yesterday’s post.

“What is possible if you wake up at five a.m.? What’s the value around this habit? What’s stopping you? What stops you from taking action? What are your contexts / beliefs that drive you to get up at five a.m.? What was the original motivation? Why wake up at that time? What will be possible by making that five a.m. a habit? What would help you wake up at five a.m. despite the discomfort?”

Rachael Redgate

Don’t join me because you want to be more like me, but because you want to be more like the best possible YOU!

AND because it’s the healthy, right, beautiful choice for you at this time.

And if I can help, let me know how.