Wait Weight Don’t Tell Me

There are more than a few reasons why I haven’t been posting on here, most importantly, really, is #TWINS.


And the other thing is that I got out of the habit.

Also, obviously.

But less obviously is that I’ve been recovering from All The Complications ™ and one of the things that happened is that I lost a shit ton of weight really fast. And how are you supposed to talk about that?

“Oh, hey, I just had twins, but look, I’m totally back in my pre-first-pregnancy clothes, but poor me, I’m so so skinny.”


Okay, so this is where I’ll admit that I started this post at something o’clock one morning and am finishing at something o’clock in the evening.

My goal in writing this was to say that I’ve got a lot of shit happening.

Some of it I feel like I could talk about and some of it not which leads to general writers’ block for me.

Vague, much?

The point is, if I can’t write about one thing, suddenly I can’t write about ANYTHING.

But I’m going to push past that block by writing every day. Even if there’s nothing to write about and I just post crap.

So get ready for a lot of crap.

But at least I’m blogging again?