Wait, what?

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Four]

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was coughing, like ya do, and instead of chilling out as I fell asleep, it just kept getting worse.

Until I threw up.

A lot.

“Ah, okay, sicker then I thought.”


Except now I’m working in America where you cannot take sick leave every other week and I have a couple of shows coming up that involve flying on a plane that requires you to confirm and declare that you do not have any COVID symptoms and how much of this is just psychosomatic anyway?

The good news, though, is that I took SuperC and DayQuil and drank lots of water and tea and am inhaling cough drops like they’re going out of style and I’m feeling a million times better than I was last night when I was hugging the iron goddess.

But I’m also… scared.

Scared of flying. Scared of being sick. Scared of stress.

Scared of being scared.

It’s a lot.

Sure sure, if I feel worse, I’ll call in sick and go see a doctor, but for now?

It’s all about self care.