Wanna See The Skellington?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Five]

Yesterday I spoke at Software Circus dressed as a skeleton and today, well, I’m a rock star.

My hair is still floofed / spiked and that black make up around my eyes ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

Wanna see?

But first the news:

Quick quick, like a white fluffy bunny, go check out ze pictures!

This morning I’m a rock star!
Apparently I won a costume contest? Or, at least, a special mention! I’ll take it!
Our panel in graphic format! I LOVE IT!! !
The whole panel in costume!
Don’t we look so professional!
This is how I spent half of the panel.
Skellington is not as spooky in full daylight in the kitchen.
It was an absolute pleasure to be on this panel! Thanks so much, Software Circus!! !



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