What Was Your Biggest Lesson From 2018?

A fellow Toastmaster wrote a piece about her biggest lessons learned in 2018 which I promptly forwarded. #transformation #change

But then she turned it around on me.

“Thank you for sharing K Rain Leander! Love to know – what was your biggest lesson from 2018?”

~ Sangbreeta Moitra

And, yup, I have been mulling over that one off and on ever since.

Sure, it’s only been four days, but dayum, you’d think I could come up with at least one lesson learned.


Write twice a week. And publish it. Get the word out. It could be different for you, but the answer is always twice per something. The answer is in the question – how many times do I have to write per ….? Thank you, Adam DuVander.

Travel can be a great opportunity for mini experimentation. Want to try out the gym life? Try it out on a work trip before you freak out your partner and three kiddies. Every work trip is an excuse to try something new. Or get rid of something old.

I feel like that could be an entire post / talk / podcast / BOOK all by itself.

Mental resilience is fucking awesome. I started writing about this over here, but then I just stopped writing and instead dove into DOING. And I’ve done a lot. I discovered that travel is energizing. That I’m stronger than I thought. That I really REALLY love public speaking. But not as much as I love cuddling the Littles. That six conferences in forty eight days is Too Much ™. And I discovered that I really like lifting weights.

Physical strength is also fucking awesome. My confidence is going up and up and up. Pretty soon my ego won’t be able to fit through the door, but it’s all good, cause I’ll just punch through the wall to make a new door.

Nothing stabilizes me more easily than cuddling Littles. Sure, when I travel, I know what my go to soothers are – long hot showers, great books, a cup of tea with generous milk – but damn if a neck nuzzle and a belly laugh from a baby doesn’t work Just Like That.

And now I’m turning it around on you – cause Pay It Forward #AMIRITE

What were your biggest lessons of 2018?

And while, sure, I’d love to see your comments here, it might be easier on your brain matter to set a timer for ten minutes and let your pen stream of consciousness that shit out.

That’s exactly what I did.

Have a wonderful last few days of 2018 and I’ll see you on the flip side.