Where’s The Consistency, Leander?

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixty Two]

I didn’t stream today.


But first the news:

But I have a great excuse… see… cause…

I just didn’t wanna.

That’s the thing, right?

You need to stay the course because consistency is key to growth. So, yeah, I’ll get right on that, but first.

I rearranged my schedule a little bit to focus more efficiently on The Farmer Project and I’m super stoked to GO TO BED TONIGHT so that I can GET UP AT FIVE IN THE MORNING TO HACK.

I also have no explanation why I’m so excited.

Want to help me get up in the morning? PM me or DM me or otherwise send me your digits / email / contact information and I’ll message you when I’m up in the morning.

For accountability.

But, also, turn off your notifications.

Cause I’m messaging at FIVE IN THE MORNING!! !