World’s Longest Hangover Or …?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighty Five]

I’ve been taking meds for days now, fighting off headaches left and right – could be the vodka and wine from Christmas.

Could be stress.

Could be the full time parenting.

I sound like a broken record, eh?

But first the news:

Today was by FAR the best day of the Christmas Break (knock on wood) THUS FAR. Especially compared to yesterday.

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash

I got up at five thirty cause #GirlTwin wanted to sing us the song of her people.

No, seriously, she was singing.
At the top of her lungs.
At five thirty this morning.

No, I don’t remember the song, I just remember LEAPING from the bed to hurtle into the room before she woke her brothers who do NOT wake gently.

They take after me.

Do not FUCK with me while I’m sleeping.

I will cut you.

My sons are the same.

It’s great.

I whispered to Girl Twin, “Sh sh sh sh sh shhh… het is slaaptijd – stilte tijd – niet zingen. Stilte.”

Translation: “Sh sh sh sh sh shhh… it’s sleep time – quiet time – don’t sing”

Desperate Mama at 0530 this morning!

She whispered back, “Oke, Mama.”

And I’ll admit I laid back down to drowze off again, but then she cried out for me three times and this time there were less fucks to give.

Instead of diving into the room, I pee’d.

And stood in front of their door to see if there was more.

There wasn’t.

I slowly put on christmas jammies, my glasses, and grabbed my phone.

Still quiet.

And this is how I actually got up this morning, did yin yoga, studied languages, meditated, read, and sat patiently waiting in the kids’ room while they woke up at a more reasonable hour – at quarter after seven.

I still went to back to sleep at eleven – shortly after P took over, but I slept only until one. And I managed strength training and shower and brushing teeth – the little things.

There wasn’t a walk outside cause it was shitty weather all day and all day shitty weather plus depression means hiding in one’s cave, but I also didn’t feel like I HAD TO get out for my own good.

I feel fairly solid.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

Wish me luck.