You’ve Been BOO-ED!

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Two]

This is one of the very first oh so American activities I totally signed First Minion up for as soon as the sign up sheet went round – during the month of October, kids in each grade get a surprise Halloween bucket full of treats – and since I signed up so quickly, we were one of the first.

I think I got more joy out of it than First Minion.

And the twins.

“I wish you a great Halloween full of fun, mystery, and excitement.
From a fellow Bingham Farms 1st Grader!”

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Enjoy the treats!
  2. Post a photo of your student with the bin and attach your Boo’ed Sign to your door to show your Bingham Pride. (totally forgot to do this…)
  3. Check the list to see who you get to boo next so we can keep it going. Within 2-3 days, make 2 copies of this page or print from our class FB page and fill your bin with tricks and treats for the next family, if needed.
  4. Be stealthy – surprise the next student with their bin of tricks and treats!

The bin is refilled.

The new sign printed.

And since I’m totally waking up at five in the morning, guess how easy the stealthy bit is going to be.

BOO!! !