Because Success Is One Step Beyond Failure

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven]

Photo by Joyful on Unsplash

I watched Dance Dreams Hot Chocolate Nutcracker aka Debbie Allen Hot Chocolate Nutcracker in the United States.

Because #branding

Behind-the-scenes at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and their award-winning version of The Nutcracker, which blends a variety of dance traditions.

And I cried at the end.

But first the news:

That pull to dance?

It’s stronger.

Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

And I’m listening.

I’m also hesitating.

Because there’s a LOT of judgement within the dance process. There Has To be – at least, that’s what I was taught.

I’m hoping that as I dip my big toe back in or, more accurately, plie gently into that great unknown, I maintain the self compassion I’m developing. That it’s not crushed under the guise of should be’s and for your own good’s.

I’m not making a lot of sense today, I know.

And that’s okay.

Because I’ve got whatever phlegm hell Girl Twin gave me yesterday.

Sleep is weird.

Thinking is weird.

Writing about dance is weird.

And y’know what helps?

Watching dance documentaries that make you cry so you create even more phlegm but you don’t care cause it simultaneously makes you feel so good and gives you hope for the future of humanity.

Now excuse me while I watch Move.

And snot all over everything.