Can’t Sleep The Clowns Will Eat Me

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eighty Three]

Seriously, though, the sleep thing has been pretty miserable with rather high temperatures, but today the weather sobered up and got a bit more Autumn-like.

Sleep should be good tonight.

And 5am will be a little painful.

But welcome.

But first the news:

And also I’ve got a looming work deadline.

Want to see?

Cause this morning for the hacking stream, I totally just worked on the project.


Also, can I say how proud I am of figuring out how to easily create YouTube thumbnails?

Hint: it’s

But now I’m headed to bed cause I’m getting up super early in the morning to work on this project more and actually write / post in the morning and THIS time, I know what I’m going to write about tomorrow – Kindness / Acceptance vs Improvement as a paradox. Are they mutually exclusive concepts or somehow beneficial?

In other words, if you’re kind to yourself and accepting of your flaws, won’t that make you lazy and disinclined to improve?


And I’ll tell you WHY tomorrow morning!



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