Dutch Lock Down Day Eighty Eight

[I Just Want to Go to Bed]

Photo by Rots Marie-Hélène on Unsplash

We were supposed to have date night tonight to watch the first of a million Marvel movies in chronological order because we just finished watching all of the Star Wars movies in chronological order in order to justify paying the Disney+ 6.99 euros per month because our kids, for whom we subscribed for this service, could not give less fucks.

Except I’m just exhausted.

Photo by Rots Marie-Hélène on Unsplash

Because the twins have been JUST sick enough to have some extra phlegm that wakes girl twin up in the night and that upsets her so she throws up and then we have to clean it up and put her back to bed and she does that three times on Saturday night but then only once on Sunday night but then ALL THREE KIDS wake up at THREE IN THE MORNING on Tuesday morning and because I have TWO talks next week, I can’t go back to sleep until six.

The alarm goes off at six forty five.

And instead of catching up on sleep for the past two nights, I’ve gotten the same amount of sleep each night, so it’s not even nine and I’m falling asleep on the couch and I’m so totally not surprised.



Those two talks.

Are next week.

And I typically have performance anxiety before a big show anyway.

Which could also be why I’m falling asleep Not In My Bed ™.

And then I do just fine, so I’m just going to go to bed.

Super early tonight, I know.

G’night, Warriors.