Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Nine

I officially changed the ‘OpenStack Community Liaison’ to ‘Advocate’.

I should probably give context.

GroningenRain.nl is built on a wordpress content management platform which uses categories for the posts – the default category is Dancing Engineer and, in staying on brand, the other main category is Fierce Woman.

ASIDE: I should probably change that to Fierce Person? Or Fierce NonBinary? Or … something? Fierce CREATURE! YESSS!! !

The subcategories for Dancing Engineer are Dancer, Developer, Mentor, Student, and OpenStack Community Liaison while the subcategories for Fierce Woman are Adventurer, Baker, Feminist, Mama, Partner, Speaker, and Warrior.

FYI: Most of these COVID19 posts have been under the Warrior category.

So ‘OpenStack Community Liaison’ doesn’t really fit with the other subcategories anyway PLUS I’m about to NOT be the OpenStack Community Liason anymore.

But I’ll always be an Advocate, even if it’s not my official title.

That has always been and always will be part of my brand.

It’s who I am.

Within software and work, sure, but also within life. For friends and family, for women, for minorities – for anyone who needs someone to advocate on their behalf.

I’m here for you.

But first the news:

So I cut my hair.


Wanna see?

I mean, it doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself.

The thing is, I’ve totally also got an appointment at Jottem cause when you cut your own hair? You miss bits. Lots of bits. Bits that thankfully don’t really show on conference calls. But in person? You can see the bits.

And also?

When you get your hair done at the salon? At least, at Jottem?

You don’t HAVE TO actually do anything to your hair when you roll out of bed in the morning. At least, I don’t. Unless I cut my hair myself. Then I have to put in product and WRESTLE with it.


Not Cool, HAIR.

I’m quite sure my zusje is laughing at me right now.

Hi, J!