Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty

[No News For You!]

The thing about writing a blog post in the morning on the weekend is that sometimes there is no news. The Netherlands actually believes in the weekends and very few people actually work on Saturday and Sunday.

Which is why yesterday’s post had only one news link.

That post blasted out of my passion for The Farmer’s Project without regard for news cycle or time of day.

(I know, terrible pun, right, H?)

But first the news:

Tonight, though, while there are plenty of news articles to choose from, I waited too late to write and so I just want to write something ANYTHING so I can go to bed already.

But then!

A friend got WONDERFUL news and while it’s HER story to tell, I’m so totally OVER THE MOON ELATED for her!! !

And then I’m going to try to sleep?

But I WILL sleep cause I was worried that Things Would Not Work Out ™ and now I’m super relieved and life is good and I’m already yawning because I’m going to sleep SO WELL TONIGHT.

G’night, Warriors.



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