Shut The Front Door

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Seventy Four]

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Yegads, it’s a rough night’s sleep the day after sleeping in and going to bed early anyway and knowing you’re getting up at five.

Am I not making sense?

But first the news:

Apparently there’s no new news if you write your previous blog post towards the middle of the day and the next post at the beginning of the day and that was on a Sunday. Today’s post is going to make less than no sense.

Why am I doing this, again?

I figured out a few things on Saturday night with a live stream.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I am NOT awake enough to do this analysis.

Okay, but also today’s $TITLE is from a tweet I did this weekend where instead of #ShutTheFrontDoor I did #ShitTheFrontDoor and it seriously made me laugh out loud then AND whenever I remembered it for the rest of the day.

Mostly for the visual.

I’m still giggling.

Also, I’m rather impressed with how well wordpress is handling embeds these days. I don’t have to use HTML and then hack with the CSS to make it work – it just works.

But back to Saturday.

Okay, but first a distraction.

Typing has become wonky lately.

Like, really wonky.

And I used to blame my wireless keyboard, which, yes, did have some horrible user experience, but now I’m using my wired keyboard (take a look at the youtube stream where I took the time to show the rest of the office set up) and I’m mistyping a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

More than ever.

And the other day my brain offered this awesome thought, “Hey, what if this is early signs of dementia?”

Cause it does run in the family.

Thx, Brain.

Where were we? #SATURDAY

What have I learned over the past however many times I’ve done the UNLOCK! escape room games?

SO much.

There’s The Filming From Above Thing.

Which, you can’t see the cards anyway when I have them all laid out, so maybe I’m looking at the wrong layout anyway. In other words, there needs to be a shot from further out, sure, but also something from way close up. In order to see one or two cards clearly. And then a talking head shot. And then the ipad or iphone that’s actually running the UNLOCK! app.

Cause I really don’t think it works to have it folded into the card long view. But maybe it could be in the close up shot and moved as needed? Except that doesn’t make sense – there are always cards that need to be inspected. So the app needs its own window.

There’s The Sound Thing

I have consistently had technical difficulties with windows, with cameras, and with SOUND. I finally figured out how to experiment on streamyard with a broadcast environment without actually broadcasting. And I figured out how to have two windows without the echo driving me nuts. It completely removes my ability to hear myself at all, but there’s no echo either, so I have to decide if I NEED to hear myself or if I’m willing to ASSUME that my sound is working for the viewer which makes me SUPER nervous.

Apparently we’ve arrived at the part of the morning where we use ALL CAPS.

Not annoying AT ALL.

There’s The iPhone Thing

It’s NOT a good camera. Not a good angle, not a quality stream, and it Just DROPPED in the middle of the stream on Saturday night. TWICE.

There’s the connectivity thing. I’m streaming from my office which doesn’t have its own dedicated cable / service, but instead has its own wifi dongle – meaning that it has its own service, but that’s wifi. Which is NOT reliable. Nor stable. Nor a great streaming experience. This is yet another push towards laying cable to my office. How will that happen?


Whether I do it or we hire professionals remains to be seen.

#LiveDangerously #AmIRite

Also, I figured out that I can use the ipad to play the UNLOCK! app instead and it shows up better on the camera when I have it in the desk wide shot. If it has its own window, then I can use the phone again, but … well … things to think about.

Then There’s The Destination Thing

I’m using the basic account on StreamYard which means I only get to stream to three destinations which means choosing between YouTube, twitch, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter / Periscope. I typically choose Periscope / Twitch / YouTube, although I did try out Periscope / Twitch / Facebook once, but didn’t do it again because the comments don’t come through to the streaming platform.

But now!

Packet invited me to use their professional account to stream. Which means no choosing. They’re even cool with me using the account to stream escape rooms and gaming things. Which I’m super squee about, but also super nervous about cause added pressure? I’m definitely going to take them up on it for the hacking / technical stuff on Wednesday mornings, but I don’t know if the gaming thing will work. I’ve got SO MANY THINGS to figure out for UNLOCK! – but I’ve already ordered an additional camera and a few other things to make the experience smoother.

Finally, There’s The Confidence Thing

Actually, it’s not a thing anymore. Mostly. Sort of. Maybe. I inhaled The Confidence Code, which, by the way, if you’re going to read a book on confidence / self esteem / self improvement, go read this book NOW. I’ve read a lot of crap over the past few days and by far, The Confidence Code and GRIT are AMAZING.

I figured out that I’m not actually lacking CONFIDENCE but SELF ESTEEM which are similar but not the same thing. I have confidence in my abilities including being able to self assess my skills within specific abilities, but I lack self esteem.


Not always.

Usually once I get into the flow of a speech or stream or conversation, the self esteem butterflies fuck off, but it’s getting started that usually embroils me. I just need to START, damnit. Which is why I’m going to just start recording posts regularly. Not necessarily sharing them, but definitely filming them. I’m going to hopefully work out the kinks offline. As much as I’ve enjoyed making mistakes on LIVE, I don’t have the self esteem to do it while just … talking.

But, actually, this goes against one of my core tenants – radical transparency.


I’ve got two major aspects of myself warring for dominance – self esteem and radical transparency.


Let’s unpack this.

Oke, no, let’s leave this for another day.

I’ve unpacked a lot this morning and it’s time for yin yoga and languages and meditation and such, but I’ve put this in the back of my head to process and added it to my coaching request for this week, so if I don’t work it out before Wednesday, I’ll dive into it then.

What did you figure out this weekend, Warriors? Did you solve the problem or are you still mulling over it? Want help? I’m here for you. But right now it’s time to #ShutTheFrontDoor and get started with my day!



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