Step Zero: Schedule Your First Event

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

This morning, JUST NOW, I scheduled the very first event for the brand new meetup group, PatchMakers.

And I’m totally not freaking out.


But, more importantly, I’m super excited about this group.

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Every month we’ll meet on the fourth Tuesday to eat pizza, present an open source project, and Make Patches.

At the very first event, for example, we’ll talk about open source licenses, create a public repository for PatchMakers on github, build out the ReadMe and the CFP and discuss what future events might look like.

Whether you’re curious about the open source world or hacked on the kernel back in the 90s, we’d love to see you – everyone has something to contribute to this experience.

At the DevRel Salon AMS on Tuesday night we officially announced this group and such and talked about how it’s not just for massive open source projects looking for software developers, but also for obscure / new / unknown projects looking for writers or designers or testers or anyone, really.

And not just open source software, but if we found a maintainer who was keen to present about open source government or health care or anything – who was looking for collaborators – that’d be AWESOMENESS.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Cause this is all about finding Open Source Collaborators.

It’s all about finding PatchMakers.


Become a member and RSVP an upcoming event – but we’ll also be recording presentations and creating a repository where all the information will be available for always.

With an open source license, of course.

See you soon.



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